Thursday, May 3, 2012

My trip: The "Pingüineras"

Hi, how are you? 
I hope you are well.

I want to tell you the history of this photo, it is very significant for me:
It was taken by my best friend Daniel Loezar, in the " Pinguineras " in Chiloe’s Big Island, was on February, 2011.
I appear in the beach, in these moments we were playing to the "sapitos".
This photo is very important for me, because i cost very effort to get there, we worked all January with many desire for this trip.
We were going twenty days backpacking from the Andes to the south, and to come to this place of Chiloe, in the way, I lost almost all my belongings before, but equal we continue forward and the nice thing is to have arrived there with our effort and not paying a tour as does everyone, besides, we walked a lot, but with landscapes that difficulty see again, and although it broke my pants, we arrived and the two days that we enjoyed it very well and that was the end of our trip, which will be unforgettable and we will repeat with my friend.
With my friend are planning and raising money for the next "backpacking" in 2013, this time we want to come to the most austral of Chile, my dream is to come to “Cabo de Hornos”.

See you latter.