Thursday, June 28, 2012


It was a pleasure being in classes with you, I was very bad for this class, but I was patient and learned so much from the begining
This is my second blog and I really like, because I learn so much English like writing, memorizing and applying phrases. It is also fun to be in the computer lab with my classmates.
It helped me greatly improve my writing and reading, although my oral is bad.
It's a good idea because a Blog learns to use the website, you can comment on the tastes of each, experiences, travel, etc.. And read the blogs of other students
Besides writing a blog wecan learn the sentence structures and practice to speak,
The downside is that you do not take it very seriously and we use translators, or write quick, so that learning is little if you have such practices.



HI !
How are you?, waiting your are well, today write again for narrate the "Fiesta Mechona" this two years ago.

The "Fiesta Mechona" is a party that remember for all career, because was the same day as my birthday, 31st march.
After do the "previa" in my house all afternoon with many friends,
i went go the party at 10pm.
Was in "Bellavista" place, was a house arranged for party's and his proprietary leased for the occasion.
In the party i drank little, because worked  in the bar all night, 
was really hot, ventilation very very very bad. =(

In my free time i danced a moment but late 
i saw a thing didn't like and was angry,
 i went to the street and................

I waited my friends and went to my house 
and continue the party to two days.

Well celebrate my birthday!!.

Bye friends :)

Hi, how are you?

Today i will write of the photography i uploaded, I like so much!

This is one of my favorite photography’s, was taken by Paris Police in 1912 (Paris Hospital), the picture show the dead body of Jules Bonnot, leaders of the ilegalist famous band “Bonnot Band".

Jules was anarchist militant, his mother and brothers had died when he was a child, and his father take care of him in his painful chilhood
Participate in strikes and violent protests, and with help of anarchists begin to implement the "Propagande par le Fait", committing a series of bank robberies, killing policemen and politicians, and explosions in luxurious restaurant, until after of several events the police to find him and assassinated several shots.
I like this picture because represent a man, a laborer, a human, an anarchist, that due to the porperty condenmed by the current system, decides to change his life and bring justice those responsible for the panful life of his people.