Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hi, how are you?

Today i will write of the photography i uploaded, I like so much!

This is one of my favorite photography’s, was taken by Paris Police in 1912 (Paris Hospital), the picture show the dead body of Jules Bonnot, leaders of the ilegalist famous band “Bonnot Band".

Jules was anarchist militant, his mother and brothers had died when he was a child, and his father take care of him in his painful chilhood
Participate in strikes and violent protests, and with help of anarchists begin to implement the "Propagande par le Fait", committing a series of bank robberies, killing policemen and politicians, and explosions in luxurious restaurant, until after of several events the police to find him and assassinated several shots.
I like this picture because represent a man, a laborer, a human, an anarchist, that due to the porperty condenmed by the current system, decides to change his life and bring justice those responsible for the panful life of his people.


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