Thursday, June 28, 2012


HI !
How are you?, waiting your are well, today write again for narrate the "Fiesta Mechona" this two years ago.

The "Fiesta Mechona" is a party that remember for all career, because was the same day as my birthday, 31st march.
After do the "previa" in my house all afternoon with many friends,
i went go the party at 10pm.
Was in "Bellavista" place, was a house arranged for party's and his proprietary leased for the occasion.
In the party i drank little, because worked  in the bar all night, 
was really hot, ventilation very very very bad. =(

In my free time i danced a moment but late 
i saw a thing didn't like and was angry,
 i went to the street and................

I waited my friends and went to my house 
and continue the party to two days.

Well celebrate my birthday!!.

Bye friends :)

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