Thursday, April 19, 2012

Demian Rodriguez, "Parque Forestal"

Demian Rodríguez is Pedro Silva, troubadour of the San Antonio City
Sitting on any step  of Valparaiso, thoughtful, always frowning, his music broken all you can say about a song.

Two weeks ago, i was walking through the park when i met him playing alone.
I sat with him to listen and slowly people was taking a place, suddenly many people listening him.
The evening was special , it was my first concert in Santiago, he played two hours, and the attendees were facinated.
He played many songs that i liked and now has been an influence as a musician for me, for his way of make song, his singing voice and sounded beautiful the guitar.
I'ven seen a couple more times and  he has motivated me to write my own songs.
Thanks to this musician I met other singers alike, and definitely isthe style of music that I like.
I hope to continue knowing this music.
That was my experience in concert.
I hope that you are fine, bye.

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