Thursday, April 26, 2012

My "Melodica"

how are you?
The "Melodica" is my favorite piece of technology because is my company all days.

This object is a wind instrument similar to "Acordión", i bought a year ago and i love.
To play a six month ago and every day i like more, and play better.

I like because can play with different kind of music, for example cumbia, ska, reggae, tango, with a guitar, with a "acordión", or whit a "Armonica". 

In my  free time o after class i go to play, is my shape of distration and relax, and i have good days and trip.

With the "Melodica" i can make  songs with the computer, and so accompany other instruments, for example with my guitar, "Güiro", trompeta, djhembe, "huevitos", o jam block.

Good bye

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